Farrakhan can not be ignored

Farrakhan (1 of 7 co-end time prophets) Face to Face

Viewfinder with grid

I made this viewfinder from the carton frame behind the frame glass and the hard board behind it, I cut equal size square in the center.
Drew a grid on transparent film then clued it sandwiched between the two windows.

Testing new pens

Used wet brush in the centre to see which were water resistant (forgot to write it down when was ordering) and 3 of them were:

Kuretake Zig artist sketching pen, however spreads a little or “bleeds” and thus does not leave as sharp line as could, I dont think I’ll have a need for this pen again drawing vice as I dont like if I dont have full control in the mark when drawing black lines.

Platinum Fude Brush Pen was also water resistant and I look forward to learning to use this pen a lot, brush tip refillable cartridge, CHEAP and beautiful design. There were no instructions on how to get the ink flowing and had little trouble at first, the cartridge filler had a little ball which I pressed in but not deep enough so did took it out 3 times, yet the ink was not coming out so I dismantled everything again and run the entire brush section under running water to create some kind of osmoses road for the ink to travel then left it tip downwards. When I next opened it I “dried” the water on the brush with toilet paper to give way for the ink and finally it did started to come. Instructions says to store the brush tip upwards or ink will leak.

Finally Sakura Pigma Micron Drawing pen 0.1 absolutely beautiful a bit pricey on my tight budget but its waterresistant and 100% accurate

The main thing on my shopping list tho was Uni-Ball Signo Broad Gel White as its hard to come by anything to make mark neatly in white color, Im not disappointed, it can also be conveniently used as correction pen however it is not waterproof and rewriting or redrawing on top of it is hard so only for subtracting stuff.

Black magic is not shortcut to reach your goals in life, BUT road to destroy it !

Jinn will feed on you to get stronger

Daynap dream


Today I dreamt that I was dressing up to an evening gown with Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan and his wife as we were heading for a party.



Study point Patrick Caulfield

Patrick Caulfield "Sun Room"

Patrick Caulfield “Sun Room”

In this one I think the grey area repressents the way our eyes react to bright sun light and the few selected brightly colored items

suggests the way the items are once or if our eyes have accustomed to the bright light, I think the idea works and makes sense.







Just because there are tulips we dont need to see them if they are forinstance in shade like this one, lol !


Patrick Caulfield "Tulips"

Patrick Caulfield “Tulips”










Im already a fan and collector of nice retro stuff and this color scheme is my staple palette minus the blue, I ┬átried to break the code by doing my own staple composition in this manner as follows….

Patrick Caulfield's 'Still Life: Autumn Fashion'

Patrick Caulfield’s ‘Still Life: Autumn Fashion’










Linework to be scanned and bring to Photoshop


Patrick Caulfield's 'studies initial linework

Patrick Caulfield’s ‘studies initial linework













I took some liberties with the image and painted maybe more than he would have, honest, I got tired (my shoulder hurts its dislocated again) so didnt work as much

as I could oon this, it could have been made more stripped of and play more with colors, maybe I one day will. It was interesting experience I most especially like

the simplified cat in violet not something one would do spontaniously but look how well it works !

Patrick Caulfield's 'studies digital painting

Patrick Caulfield’s ‘studies digital painting

Today new background

AND new user pic and new header.

I was inspired by Zentangle patterns I came accross in youtube videos : www.milliande.com

The zentangle patterns I used in the background image were Xyp

and Mooka

In this drawing the spooky man on the left is the cool calm mysterious Moon the vigorous energetic man on the right is the powerful look-but-dont-touch Sun,

the woman in the center is the third bear of story in 3 bears and goldilock  not too cold not too hot but just right Earth that we can live on and flourish

Queen Earth

Queen Earth lineart

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