What is the most important thing I have learned so far ?


Meanwhile my studio space  construction is on halt for lack of building materials (everything don’t always go the way you plan, in fact most of the time) it’s time for me to reflect my inner journey during my studies in OCA.

I’m behind my deadlines yet not willing to move on until I felt like I made some distance, to me at the end of the day, the deadlines are only organisational gesture to give the studies a sceleton and system to follow by many people, but the inner journey of each person’s soul is individual and everyone must walk theirs’ alone.

Alrighty then, so what has been my most important thing I have realised in my personal journey so far ?

I used to think that there is a mysterious individual style that I need to invent before I can call myself an artist and thus I have always felt like Im not ready yet, because I have not found it yet. Then upon embarking the current course “observations in nature” I then finally realised what was wrong with me. I was approaching my artwork from wrong angle, I was worried about polishing or inventing or crystallising my very own style in order to look confident and professional, but that was not the way to go about it. My effort should concentrate on searching for interesting things to draw. I know it sounds dead simple and of course it is, but for me it was a huge leap towards right direction.

Looking for your own style is like looking for love, if you look for it you will never find it, but when you stop looking for it it will suddenly be there without you even noticing it !

Upon studying the next research point of two different artist I read some thought of some artist’s whose reflections further deepened my discoveries. More on that in next post.

Even tho I’ m behind my deadlines, Im very satisfied how my soul searching has evolved so far and I have only just began as “Absolute Beginner”