Who am I ?


I dont want to be Sun I dont want to be Moon, I just want to be myself and I have the right to.

-Tiina Birgitta Raisanen-


Egyptian concept style


Upon reading Combrich The Story of Art book about egyptian art, I realised the purpose or the coding system that lies beneath what rather seems like naive kind of art. The main purpose of the images is to tell a tale and be as economically efficient and informative as possible. Which is why the people are not drawn as we can see from one angle, but each important feature is portraite at their most favourable angle, face is drawn from profile, eye is shown from front in order to capture the entire shape of the eye and the round shape of the iris, upper body is shown from front to show both shoulders but legs from side view.

When showing a garden forexample it is not shown from odrinary angle but again from upview, in a grid like manner it contains imagies of waterspecies and the outer layers of dry ground is lined with representational species of different trees growing in the surrounding garden.

Death tombs describe the entire history of the deceised person. As much information as possible yet economically empact showing all the achievements and merits during lifetime. The hierarchy of people related to the deceised are shown is size forexample servants are the smallest size while the main person is biggest of all.

I thought this was a fun thing to try so I made an image of my own concept of present day Babylon as revealed to 7 co-end-time-prophets and here is the results !:


I used black ink pen and coloured pencils, I may one day try this again it was kind of cool.

Tribute to Jack Kirby

And about Jack Kirby‚Ķ Im sure Jesus is pretty pleased with his work on earth, he didnt get a monetary reward but what he did was left us a legacy of hope, elevation of mind, tribute to apple of God’s eye and thus reminder of Himself and he did it so His name will continue to ring the bell. He is the perfect example of what we can do today:our best in all our mistakes imperfectness and even ignorance. We have God in us, lets keep it going !


-Tiina Birgitta Raisanen-