About Eugene Delacroix

As one of our assignments were to look at artist of both loosed and tight drawing style, I after very long contemplation period settled with Eugene Delacroix as the artist with loosed drawing style.

This post of him serves maybe 2 purposes, to record some thoughts and heureka moments and also to see how it serves me to use blackberry together with wordpress.

I have lot of obstacles since my sickness 1999 that at one point left me completely unable to read and comprehend any text at all. For this reason. I need to allow myself lot of time to absorb something, if I forcefully hasten myself, I may loose my concentration again and then who knows how long next until I could regain it. I have thus decided to advance peacefully without any pressure, better slowly and forward than completely paralysed.


Probably the most first thing I came across about Delacroix is his famous painting Liberty leading people. I could not help myself developing a biased that he is part of some elitistic stagnant establishment, however from past learnt that biased are often due to lazy first impression,there was no reason to carve this idea of him in stone.

Indeed, upon immersing myself into further literature of him I soon was happily able to read adjust my prejudices of him as part of a stagnant establishment. Though he may still be quite elitist but will be forgiven for having fought the good fight. My current impression of him is, that he was still a bit caricaturist of that era man, after all he did mingle with royalties, Chopin and other important people so it would have been required of him to fit in, if not even enjoying all that drama that went with the crowd. Behind dandyism there was a passionate sort of revolutionise who admired and was forever babbling on about Peter Paul Rubens, his neoclassical education pointed him out Rubens faults and wrongs but the fervor as he openly admitted was the element in Rubens paintings that overview overcame everything else and overwhelmed you.

I searched for Internet and youtube for possible documentaries of Delacroix and soon learned there is very heavy book available The Journal of Eugene Delacroix. I was Able to borrow it from library and have come some quarter through it. 

Hopefully I will be able to concentrate the material without loosing anything important or making it appear too clinical. I’m sure this text is going to be rewritten too couple of times.

Two of the most important things to me have been his thoughts where I have found my vindication in some that I was uncertain or even if I wasn’t I found so much pleasure in finding a mental connection to a man from past with nothing else in common. Art is curious activity it unite minds from any walk of life, it’s common language like music or dance or things of God merciful.


Here one example, he is obviously a social beast mingling with the fine people of upper class, even ruling class, it’s like an exercise regime for him to go socialise with important people on daily bases, yet he speaks as artist persona about this regime: “I must return to solitude. Moreover I must live soberly like Plato did. How is one to retain one’s enthusiasm about anything when one is at all times at the mercy of other people and when one has constant need of their society? Dufresne is right: the things one experiences when alone with oneself are much stronger and much fresher. (Page 68)


In Page 158 he confesses his passionate nature in regards to working habbits. He has visited Corot and they had discussed about painting in spontaneous manner its the way Corot worked himself,painting things as they come to his mind, of himself Delacroix says “in spite of my desire to systematics, I shall always be swept along by instinct”. He continue to list Titian,Raphael nd Rubens as artists who did their work “easy”

Often you find Delacroix in his journal contemplating on his health, I’m not sure what was bothering him but he took great care of his physiques by daily walks and diet. (something that I myself should do more as well) on Page 160 he has an unusual experience in Mozart symphony: “My fatigue and the heat was excessive,but I had an experience there which never happened to me before: it was that the last piece seemed not only ravishing in every respect but that, apparently, it caused my fatigue to disappear while I was listening.”


On Page 177 he speaks of the beauty of watercolour painting that lies in its transparency and says this effect can be achieved with oil colours by using turpentine such as “flemish primitives” had mastered. On the same Page he compares jacquard with Diaz and dismisses slaving interpretation of subject matter before ones eyes as opposed to painting from ones imagination.


Baudelaire,my sinister soulmate is mentioned first time in Page 182, he realised Delacroix genius and wrote about Delacroix in his Curiosities Esthetiques publication.


Totally unrelated but something I’d like to find out, on Page 222, he speaks of a strange long black fly that wrestles with a spider that thought got a lunch out of it, becomes a lunch itself instead, I’d like to know the insect now.


In Page 234 Delacroix speaks what is the purpose of art:” I have told myself a hundred times that painting, was no more than the pretext, than the bridge between the mind of the painter and that of the spectator. Cold exactitude is nor art: ingenious artifice, when it pleases or when it expresses, is art itself.” 


Passion however does not equals to impatience, in Page 277 Delacroix says:” one is master only when one brings to things the patience to which they are entitled. The young man compromises everything by his wild rush at his picture.”


I Page 277 Delacroix starts talking about applying his colour theories in a painting that led me to another sites and the following colour exercise after Rubens.


What beast animals humans are even or especially beneath “civilised”behaviour, Page 282 ” a hottentot or an iroquois splits the head of the man when he wants to despoil, among the cannibals it is for food that the victim is killed,just as our butchers kill a sheep or a pig, but those pernicious traps, laid long in advance and hidden under all sorts of veils- friendship,tenderness, or small attentions -are to be found only among “civilised” men.


In 283 delacroix notes the expressiveness that comes from secure hand when the subject matter has become familiar enough (the importance of patience)


 to be continued…


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