Excercise: A sketchbook walk


Left upper corner is a block away from our home, arrow on the left side pointing at where our house is.

Down left corner from Saint John’s Avenue CoOperative shop from distance.

Upper right corner up a hill towards Sainsbury from Saint John’s Street, saw my Elmo there and as he relaxed on my travelbag I started doodling the scene until the weird couple came to disturb us.

Down right corner is actually a scene from my backyard sitting on a chair, the dark area being the gate.

I have recently acquired a taste to fork out scene by their tonal values, I take one thing or area that seems like interesting to dominate the scene I pay attention to get the tones nicely then draw the rest of the scene around that dominating factor. In the first left upper corner the dominator for me or a starting point was the two trees in the distance and the dark background behind them, in the down left it was again the huge ball shaped tree, on the upper right it was the negative space created by the ground between the cars, in the down right corner the starting point was the dark fence.

After I had chosen the dominating feature I lightly and carefully went around sketching all over the scene until I had the proportions right then went back to work on the central figures of the scene, leaving the rest of the drawing less worked out.

These drawings were manipulated in Photoshop with Curves – tool as they were too light to see everything clearly so in real life these drawings are not as stark as this. I spent less than 2 hours on each drawing.



The upper picture is of the nearby shop Lidl, I liked the broken triangle shapes that clustered, the curved cars in rows and all this were framed by variety of greens, the starting point was the big triangle formed by the Lidl’s roof.

The down image is of the St John’s Surgery the starting point being the tree and hmm very strangely the sloping negative space between the forms, the car just happened to be there and I drew it to suggest some life, I now realise I should have drawn few people would have made this landscape much more interesting.


Project:Landscape Drawing


Research point

Look at and research different artists’ depictions of landscape.


My first stumbles were with Albert Duhrer’s landscapes. I really love the fullness and stylisation that reminds me of Japanese style. Here are few examples of such:


This japanesque stylisation makes me to think what landscape drawing or painting is all about is what you leave out rather most importantly to create the peaceful effect.


The next artist’ work I looked at was Claude Lorrain. The paintings all seem the same, its as if you have seen one you have seem them all, that is how monotonious the body of work is. However the sketches are full of interest and variety that I really enjoyed to look at.


I also looked at some Lowry’s images of industrial life but they left me cold enough to not post any images.