Excercise:Drawing cloud formations


I was surprised how much time it took to complete this excercise. I really wanted to be there in front of the subject to capture that which I saw in its all impressiveness but then I realised that Im under mercy of nature, for many days they seem to be no clouds at all, or when I suddenly noticed awesome cloud formations I was busy doing something else or my drawing materials or even camera werent along with me to capture it. The panic that I started to accumulate in fear of not meeting my deadlines did put a perspective to art making itself or the study of it, its not the destination but the journey, if I could not be able to stop and see what is around me what was the point of trying to draw it, if I didnt notice it why express it at all, so truly the experience was the main part of it and translating that strong impression for others to see. If I will gain a degree at expense of the true experience and joy of discovery then the degree would have no value anymore to me. I really would like to experience that what other great masters did in making art that spoke to future generations, even more than to meet the curriculum which of course are in line of the same sentiment but with unfriendly view of….meeting the deadlines.

Come whatever may, I cant go against my own nature, I must continue what is true to me in order to not loose my soul, if that makes any sense to anybody at all.

That being said, Im happy how my studies are progressing, I want to enjoy the studies, not stress them out like a waitress in a busy bar trying to hear out the crowd shouting their orders and cope up with the upbeat seasoned moneymaking machine next to me who is waiting to push me aside and make space for her comrade in crime. Be my quest I quit, you whore of babylon !


Anyways, here are some sketches I made, I feel sad that I have produced so few  a images that are not in line at all to the trouble, difficulties and time consumption that went into them, I wonder if anybody else had as much hard time as I did. I tried different methods and media and I came accross a dilemma, plain sky looks boring on its own, but if I had very impressive sky it seemed to clash with the background. These problems caused me to spend lot of time experimenting and discarding many of the images.

On a hindsight, maybe applying Patrick Caulfield in marrying the two planes together will solve this problem, but thats  perhaps another study.




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