Excercise:Plotting space through composition and structure


We could have done this excercise from photos but since I had the experience of plain air drawing and it was such a beautiful weather last summer that I really wanted to draw outside in situ. That of course presented a new chain of things to find out and discover and seek and purchase, which of course is inevitable and learning curve that needs to be go through.


I like doing things myself as oppose to purchasing things, so I can custom make them to my own likings, unfortunately that taking another time away from drawing. What always presents a problem to me is my health issues, I get tired easily and had to start thinking how I could carry along with me some sort of easel and place to sit and where to put pencils etc that wont be too heavy to carry, this was something that I really needed to think well hence I will need to have this solution when I start painting as well. If I was well this would have not been a problem but my constant fatique attacks made things very slow.

For the sitting problem I eventually came accross this foldable army chair that is a bit heavy but very sturdy to carry my weight.

The second problem I came accross the unpredictable weather in Britain, first it is sun then of a sudden a rain and wind, I have tried several things but havent come accross a good enough solution yet, the problem is that it should be lightweight yet stand the wind, without blowing me away and shield my pencils and paper from all sides in case the wind changes to blow from another side…I also need a solution for super hot summer days that we experienced this summer, my solution was to carry with me a chinese parasol, this only works when its not windy.

For now Im using a small handluggage to carry all the stuff, it also serves as a table support.

I found coloured pencils and inktense pencils the best medium on the field, I can achieve enough colour variety that maybe will allow me to replicate in oils indoors.

The aim of this excercise is to establish a foreground, middle ground and background which will help to create a sense of depth in a landscape.


This is the drawing I made in the city centre of Bedford, hence my focal point was the costa coffee shop, in the midground, I blurred the foreground and the background, I used coloured pencils and felt tip for the red parts.



The upper image was a very beautiful scene of river Ouse In the foreground I had the vegetation on my side of the bank the middle ground being the water and the other side of the bank and background the field and sky, there was a lot going on in this image and what really attracted me the most was the brightness of the sun reflected in the water and peeking through the foliage, what I decided to aim for was the one entire organic living surface that is interconnected that will yet reveal the 3 different planes I achieved this by the muted down colours at first glance it appears there are only yellowish greens and blues and that is what helped to calm down the busy scenery along with chiaroscuro with tones and liming the amount of details and information. I really liked the grasses in the front breaking the vast area of water but was worried it will be too harsh breaking the harmony of the image, the solution came from avoiding continuous lines and rather treat each part of the stem as an individual cell. There is a good foundation in this image that if reworked to finer details with oilcolours especially giving more definition to the tree foliage that seems to blend too much to the middleground foliage on the other side of the river at the moment could be something even more than it is now.

Again I realised the tons of colour information that I left behind, its not easy to imitate nature, there are gazillion of hues existing that one cant even begin to imagine in some dark corner of studio space, that is why one really needs to go out there, for you may have to simplify in details but not in colours, the more colours you can get in, the better, at least so it seems to me right now….



I went to the nearby dog park come sporting field on a windy cloudy day, my intentions were to draw clouds but I ended up sitting in front of this tree drawing it and then I realised I had produced a spatial composition without intending to do so as was told, tree being the foreground with bold pencil strokes, fence being the middle ground with more subtle strokes and the hardly visible background. I really like this image, the tree bark had so much going on and this image is a true depiction of the colours that were there yet look how different this turned out, but not in a bad way, I feel like there was that strange element of somnampulism in this process, I looked at one thing, worked on second and produced third image that was not quite what I looked nor what I had in mind, or did I even have anything in mind ? Yet if I was looking to depic what I saw why did it become so different ? = Somnambulism in art !




Another beautiful summer day at the river Ouse walk path. In this image I consieously wanted to establish the fore, middle and background but this time by means of tonal and hue values rather than details, the foreground is layed in with pure hues and strong dark values as the shade and sunny sides showed up as such in turns, the middle ground is achieved by midtones mixing opposite colours of the colour wheel to tone it down in hue value the back ground again is different darker value as it appeared to be in shade, really loved this excersise, yet another one that proofed I could never achieve this in dark studio space indoors I really had to be there to capture the joy of summer. I also tried something new, I tried the Eugene Delacroix optical illusion in the skyholes, it didnt quite succeed in this image but probably would in a larger image which I will certainly try again. Looking at it now, it also serves another purpose, it gives the sky a solid feel to it which helps to flatten this image down, as if I had drawn the negative space with substance of their own.


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