Im Tiina Birgitta Raisanen and this is my OCA Learning Log Blog where I record my progress, discoveries and things I have learned during my studies in Open College of Arts.

What are my hopes and dreams, plans and expectations for my art studies in OCA:

Having been doing art at home self learned bases for 10(ish) years now, I feel like I have become stagnant in my expression. I desperately want to branch out of my current drawing habbits and expand my knowledge and learn expressing myself in more various ways. I want to achieve this by studying line work, compositions, techniques, variety of medias used by, from the works of old and current masters.

I have gathered some information – not in any systematical way – about some artists and their styles that I like and done some drawings using their works as reference but I have defenately not found a clear personal style yet, which I dont want to solidify until I have unbiasedly studied variety of old masters and their styles and methods thoroughly leaving myself open for their positive influences as I’m defining myself in my expression.

It is also and idea to at some point go through my old sketch books and drawings and maybe redraw them in my new found ways, also excecuting those sketches now with different media I have learned to use as well as styles and techniques.

I also hope to achieve better command of english vocabulary as it is my second language. I will hope to achieve this by making marks of the texts and words when they are new to me and planning to take Art History as one of the mandatory modules that will engage me into texts involved with arts. In taking art history studies I wish to learn the interchanging relationship between artists and the society in each era to get a better sense of my importance in the society as an artist.

I want to find my own place in the world as an artist and be part of the active artist circles, have a recognisible voice leave my impact and mark on history respected by my peers and enemies alike. I intend to achieve this by keeping my ears and eyes open, read a lot of art related books as time permits, study different art movements, recognise what facts amounted to the development of the prominent style and the most influencial artists of those eras. I may pick up few artists of greater interest in the past and study them more fervently to understand what they wanted to convey with their artworks, what was their driving force and passion and what made them stand out from the others.


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  1. edithunderdal
    Sep 12, 2012 @ 17:41:34

    Where are you actually based? Finland maybe. I love your drawings and your “statement”. We all want to leave our mark!


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